Love Yourself


I read a book called LOVE YOURSELF LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. It was recommended to me by someone who was going through an extremely difficult situation. Despite experiencing something that would have most people in shambles, he was calm and present. I asked how he was doing so well in the midst of such a crisis, and he replied, “I love myself.” He had done much work throughout his life to be in an emotionally and spiritually healthy place; but he told me how he had read this book and made it his mission to love himself. He learned and practiced the principles and it worked. His life changed for the better. I bought the book the next day and use it in my own practice of mindfulness and spirituality. I also recommend it to my clients.

What I read seems too simple to be real; and although it isn’t easy, it certainly is uncomplicated. The author, Ramal Ravikant, says the key to living a successful, happy life is to love yourself. He states he transformed his life from a sad, miserable state into one of happiness and joy. He learned a new way of processing and practiced it until his self-concept dramatically changed. He formed a thought loop that was positive rather than negative. He meditated on loving concepts for 7-minutes a day, and asked himself one simple question each time he faltered. Would I allow myself to experience this negativity if I truly, deeply loved myself?  Ravikant describes it:

As I started to love myself, things inside me shifted.  Fear strengthens

the ego.  Love softens it.  I became more open, vulnerable.  It was natural

to be gentle with others when they weren’t loving towards me.  And

the times it wasn’t easy, I had the resources - the loop, the meditation, and

the question to return to self-love.


What would life be like if you truly, deeply loved yourself? Would you continue to endure life as it is or would you take a different direction? How would life be different? Would you be at peace? I work on this everyday and it is the foundation of what I practice in therapy. If you are interested in engaging in this philosophy and making it part of your emotional and spiritual development, I would be happy to assist you. Contact me today.